Notes & lyrics for Song Sessions Vol. 1

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Julie Osburne-Rothstein

It’s Alright

For my final songwriting project, I wanted to try something I hadn’t done before. I always find myself writing in the singer/songwriter vein, but my real passion is blues and soul. I decided to write this song in a sort of Motown-sixties-girl-group style, with a hint of gospel. I wanted the lyrics, though, to be ironic, so that the upbeat musical style clashed with the song's narrative.

The story of this song was inspired by events that took place over Thanksgiving break. It has to do with the silence and awkwardness that prevail when families come together and have to face a problem that they don't know how to deal with.


It’s Alright — Julie OR

Crumbling down,
We’re watching TV—
Just finish up your peas.
Head spinning round,
Pass me the gravy
(I’m on my knees)

Well its just hopeless
And jaded
And complicated
And who wants
To put up a fight?
Well I’ve been hoping
And waiting, but
Just tuck it ‘tween the cushions, it’s alright
(Oh, it’s alright)

Turn it up
Block out the screaming
Oh, no one wants to hear
Maybe if you just close your eyes
(It’ll disappear)

Well the effort is useless
Pursuit is fruitless
Enlightenment can be
Too bright
Well I’ve been hoping
And waiting, but just
Make a joke about it, it’s alright
(Oh, it’s alright)

Say you don’t want to talk about it
I guess I understand
This part of the story wasn’t
Part of the plan
I’ll stay quiet while you laugh about it
Shift uncomfortably
Wouldn’t want you to question the safety of your mind
While you sip your evening tea

Well I’ve been hoping
And waiting
But just sweep it under the rug, yeah, it’s alright
(Oh, it’s alright)

(Things that happen
In the night
Don’t go away
When you turn on the light)

It isn’t at your expense
So tell all your friends
Cause I’m just a story to cite
I’ve been hoping
And waiting,
But don’t bother with a burden, it’s alright

(Oh, it’s alright)
(Oh, it’s alright)
(Oh, it’s alright)
(Oh, it’s alright)

Everything is just fine.