Notes & lyrics for Song Sessions Vol. 1

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Anna Aufseeser


“Cracks” falls into the genre of “OpNiPop”, Optimistic Nihilistic Pop music. It’s a fast-paced, funky danceable tune with creepy minor chord progressions and lots of black keys. I chose chord progressions and musical patterns that stirred something inside of me emotionally. I hope it makes you feel something, too. The chorus is more upbeat and impassioned, with its buildup of major chords. The lyrics, accordingly, express an attempt to communicate and find meaning in other people in a very chaotic and alienating society. People should stop being afraid and start really opening up, taking risks and living life. That’s how I felt when I wrote the song: very isolated, rather scared, somewhat disoriented, and strongly desiring to live and feel passion. But, regardless of what originally inspired me, I hope the song does two things: gets people to move, and gets people to think. Feel or move or open your mind or just do something. Dancing is highly advised.


Cracks — Anna Aufseeser

I'd like a moment of your time,
Maybe just a little piece to help you unwind,
I'd like a pencil,
To write your mind.
Maybe just a little cell to see what I can find.

Fill, fill up the cracks so I don't slip through.
I, I got your back if you'll get mine too.
Fill, fill up the cracks so I don't slip through.
Promise to, promise to take my mind to someplace new.

I know you're hiding,
Eyes so scared.
Living life like you couldn't really care.
You'll keep on hiding,
Till your body's grown old,
Never seeing what's become of the soul your ego sold.

Swimming alone in the chaos surrounding us here,
Drowning our faces, the places we know with fear.
Living the half-life as seconds turn to years.
Waiting and hoping and waiting just to be near
someone else.