Notes & lyrics for Song Sessions Vol. 1

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Annie Rose London


I’m very much in love with my bicycle. But sometimes it just can’t get me far enough away, no matter how free I feel. Maybe there’s a problem with the gear shift…

I’ve spent a lot of late nights in Steinert, ploinking out one key at a time on the piano and whistling along. My throat has been injured for a while, so instead of singing melodies I always whistled them whenever we had a project to write or transcribe music. The whistling in this song is a shout-out to that trusty old whistle, which doesn’t get sore and can hit all the high notes each time.

So, here is my first ever song. Hopefully it is something whistle-able.


Two-Wheeler — Annie Rose London

Sweet, sweet.
Crush my senses flat.
Still, still.
Catch my hopes up high.

And this bikes made of rust,
But the sun’s made of gold.
They’re both metal after all,
And they both can be sold.
I got gold in my lungs,
And with wheels you can run.
Don’t remember when I learned,
But I know how it’s done.

Take me for a ride.
Still, still.
Catch my senses high.
For meaning to get made.
Something salty’s in the air.

Now my rusty bike’s broke,
And my dusty sun set.
It’s a badly made joke,
That I sadly don’t get.
Fell in love with a plot –
Head stays put, body runs
Don’t know when I forgot,
But it’s all come undone.

(whistle break)

Took me for a ride.
Still, still, still...

(whistle break)

Take me for a ride,
My senses high,
My senses high.
My senses high...