Notes & lyrics for Song Sessions Vol. 1

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Jeremy Noah

(Beyond The) Tree Line

I wrote this song towards the end of Thanksgiving break. Usually the songs I write evolve over the course of days, weeks or months, piecing together harmonies, melodies and lyrics, but this song came almost as one piece written entirely in a 24-hour period. Despite having just written it, I chose to use it as the song I would develop for my final project because I felt it came together using a blend of the techniques I used in this class and my own writing style, as opposed to other projects that were too much of one of the other.


(Beyond the) Tree Line — Jeremy Noah

Close the door
We need the engine’s warmth
The shivering should stop
Any minute now

The scenery slips by
Falling through our hands like
The sands of time

Slow down, Speed up
Turn here, but don’t stop
Don’t want to get out
I haven’t had enough

These dark nights don’t like
To go away
We carry each other through
These shorter days
And we struggle to find meaning
In the words we say

Driving down the highway at night
Boxed in on both sides
By the tree line
All the high beams mingle with
The moonlight
Its bright enough to see
The sparkle in your eye
Fade as you slowly drift
To sleep, to sleep, to sleep

This is only a refuge
A temporary escape
I want to, but I know
That I can’t stay

The shadows sneak
Waiting to come out in the light

Don’t speak, don’t think
Wander, or dream
Now there’s time for it

These bad thoughts don’t
Like to go away
We carry each other
But can’t bear the weight
And we struggle to find meaning
In our ordinary lives


I dreamed last night
She was still alive
I tiptoed to her room…to her room
Saw her smile like she understands
I woke up flew out of bed,
But I was too late again
I was too late again