Notes & lyrics for Song Sessions Vol. 1

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Ida Specker


I wrote the lyrics for the first half of this song walking home from songwriting class one day. It was originally inspired by the cold wet providence weather, but came to be about many things for me — heartbreak, environmental destruction, escapism, isolation, the end of love, the end of the world….and on and on. The meaning is pretty vague, though, and is open to interpretation. I didn’t map out a story or an intention before writing the lyrics- I just let them come out the way they wanted to. The music is very simple and repetitive, in large part because I wrote it on the guitar and don’t know too many chords yet! The first two chords in the progression- C major to A minor, are borrowed from the beginning of one of my favorite country songs. Recording and performing my first original composition was an amazing experience! Thanks to Butch, Katherine, and Nate for their wonderful contributions on the recording!


Storm — Ida Specker

There's a rough wind blowing and there's ice in the sky,
There's a young girl trembling and starting to cry.
There's fire on the mountain and there's blood in the stream,
She runs through it all, as if in a dream.

There's a hard truth rising and there are tears on our cheeks,
She opens her mouth; no one listens when she speaks.
We've got it all wrong, we've got to turn this thing around,
Before we drive our love straight into the ground.

A shadow is lurking and it's counting down the time,
And she thinks she's found a way to leave it all behind.
Her stomach's churning now, she seeks but can not find.
Her heart's uncovered now, and laid out on the line.

There's someone reaching out, someone she can not feel,
There's a voice calling her; she's too afraid to heal.


There's only one thing, one thing left to say.
Take my hand in yours- can't love carry us away?