Notes & lyrics for Song Sessions Vol. 1

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VyVy Trinh

Little Sister

“Little Sister” is a lullaby written for my baby sister. Because I go to school on the other side of the country from home, I find myself missing not only my little sister but also childhood itself — innocence, simplicity, playfulness. I hope that the song’s nostalgia is conveyed in the simple melody and instrumentation, complemented by the childish lyrics (“please,” “tapioca bubbles,” “rain boots,” “jump rope,” “yo-yo,” etc.), as well as the bridge that references a classic childhood song about the loss of innocence.


Little Sister — VyVy Trinh

Your eyes are tapioca bubbles
Rain boots in puddles
And a silver sky

Your nose is a baby button mushroom
You smile like cartoons
And sing like apple pie

Oh, please, please, please don’t grow up
Just yet

You came as a precious post-script moment
With mommy’s plus-sign omen
Of a pink surprise

At night I watched your lashes quiver
Golden dreams delivered
With my lullabies


You say, hey sis will you play jump rope?
I say, well I hope
I can find the time

I say, hey Lindsey you know I love you
Always thinking of you
With every plane that flies by


Little Jackie Paper loved that Dragon Puff
And brought him strings and diamond rings
And other fancy stuff
Dragons live forever but not so little girls...
But please, please, please live forever for me

O please, please, please, please
Please, please, please live forever

Your little hand waves like a yo-yo
Sad eyes like cocoa
Toward the airplane track

I count the heartbeats ‘til I come home
From months in limbo
Dreaming of going back