Prof. Katherine Bergeron | Prof. Joseph Butch Rovan

Thanks to everyone who completed the entry assignment. We enjoyed reading your essays and hearing your music -- deciding the class roster was difficult, but a lot of fun!

Here is the class roster for fall 2008...

Class roster for fall 2008:

Aufseeser, Anna
Berman, Doug
Boccella, J.G.
Brown, David
Garcia, Josh
Gonzalez, Roman
Gonzalez, Rosalinda
Hong, Larry
Korzec, Alex
Leibovic, Jonathan
Mitra, Eshan
Morrison, Josh
Nicholson, Ben
Noah, Jeremy
Osburne-Rothstein, Julie
Parekh, Shruti
Reed, Ethan
Rose London, Annie
Rosenberg, Dan
Schonwald, Rosalind
Sigel, Rebecca
Silzer, Parker
Specker, Ida
Taitano, Adam
Tookes, Christian
Trinh, VyVy
White, Jenna

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