Brown Alma Mater 250 (2015)

composed for the conclusion of Brown's 250th anniversary celebrations

Premier: May 24, 2015, Brown University Graduation Ceremony

Music by Butch Rovan, with traditional lyrics and new rap lyrics by Sebastián Otero.

Alma Mater! we hail thee with loyal devotion,
And bring to thine altar our off’ring of praise;
Our hearts swell within us, with joyful emotion,
As the name of Old Brown in loud chorus we raise...

And when we depart from thy friendly protection,
And boldly launch out upon life’s stormy main,
We’ll oft look behind us, with grateful affection,
And live our bright college days over again…

Was it all a dream?
The happiest moments of our lives under the shade of these trees.
All the smiles in these memories pass quick like a summer breeze. Pass down traditions and give it to the homies.

When from youth we have journeyed to a college on the hill
From whence we once grew.
Una mezcla de culturas con tanta diversidad,
Hace de esta universidad una súper especial.

Like a memory we wander backward along the vista.
From Pembroke to Lincoln to Barbour to Wriston.
Through the Van Winkle gates all dressed up in those gowns
You'll smile, as you whisper the name of Old Brown.

The happiest moments of youth’s fleeting hours,
We’ve passed, ’neath the shade of these time-honored walls,
And sorrows as transient as April’s brief showers
Have clouded our life in Brunonia’s halls...