Gray Code: Technologies

GrayCode uses two custom-designed wireless sensor systems in performance, designed by Butch Rovan and Kevin Patton. Both systems allow Rovan and Patton to control the computer processing of their own instrument via motion of the instrument and/or direct manipulation of sensors.

MIMICS: MacroInstrument Musical Interface & Confrontation System


MiMICS is a system designed by Butch Rovan that augments acoustic instruments with wireless sensors. The system allows the performer to control real-time processing of the acoustic sound via three-dimensional motion of the horn; in addition, sensors attached to the body of the instrument allow direct access to processing parameters while playing. At present, Rovan!s alto clarinet hosts a MiMICS system, and he uses it to modify, capture, and mutate the alto clarinet sounds during performance. In addition, MiMICS acts as a controller that Rovan uses to direct processing of Patton’s guitar and Kennedy’s percussion instruments. See the MiMICS page on this site for more info.


TaurEx: sensor extension for electric guitar

The TaurEx is a sensor extension designed and built by Kevin Patton that connects to an electric guitar and tracks motion and performance gestures. The device seamlessly provides wireless, realtime control of computer effects and sampling in an intuitive way. The TaurEx is designed to capture information about the gestural qualities of guitar playing, such as picking, left-hand position, and the movement of the guitar in space. The smooth interface of the TaurEx allows Patton to control an array of computer effects and processing — including delay, harmonization, granulation, and sampling — with subtlety and ease. The TaurEx also includes independent force sensors that can be assigned to directly control any other aspect of the computer that the user wishes.