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Let us imagine a straight line: additional video documentation

video 1: interactive shadow/text wall

This video provides additional documentation for the interactive shadow wall portion of my interactive installation "Let us imagine a straight line." In this part of the installation viewers' gestures are translated into text and sound, as their shadows are used to "read" a hidden text that envelops the image of dancer Ami Shulman. Viewers become participants in a dual choreography with Shulman, as they discover the words of Bergson.

Let us imagine a straight line - interactive shadow/text wall from Butch Rovan on Vimeo.


video 2: EKG station at entrance to installation

As viewers enter the installation, they engage with a custom built EKG interface. Video and audio are generated based on the viewer's heart rate and presence.

Let us imagine a straight line - EKG station & interactive video/audio from Butch Rovan on Vimeo.


video 3: central screen (high-speed video)

This video documents the central screen of the installation, featuring high-speed video of dancer Ami Shulman. This screen is positioned between the interactive shadow/text wall (video #1 above) and the EKG station (video #2 above). It forms a connecting wall that bridges the two worlds, offering a sensual close-up that echoes the visual display at the entrance to the installation. Here, the dancer’s body forms an arresting centerpiece for the work: a sustained, slow motion improvisation that demands complete and unbroken attention.

Let us imagine a straight line - central screen from Butch Rovan on Vimeo.