in place of the unfolding, 9'14 (2010)

Video installation with stereo sound

Photography, sound, and programming by Butch Rovan
Movement by Ami Shulman
B/W high-speed video (4:3), stereo sound, 5'34"

program note

The speed of unfolding of this external time might become infinite; all the past, present, and future states of the universe might be found experienced at a stroke; in place of the unfolding there might be only the unfolded.

–Henri Bergson,
Duration and Simultaneity

A single high-speed shot of dancer Ami Shulman is unfolded through multiple time domains and multiple perspectives; a process experienced through the stroke, or shock, of movement.

This work, which draws on a passage from Henri Bergson’s Duration and Simultaneity, is part of my ongoing project for dancer, video, music, and electronics called "Studies in Movement."