Scattering (2022)

for orchestra, TOSHI conductor interface, and live electronics

Technical Requirements

In performances of Scattering, the conductor wears a custom-designed interface, resembling a large watch, on the left hand. The device is known as The Orchestra-Synthesis Human Interface (TOSHI). The TOSHI tracks the conductor’s left hand gestures and allows the conductor to shape the evolution of the electronic sounds during performance. It communicates via WiFi to a laptop running custom MAX audio software, connected to the house sound system. A WiFi router is needed for the TOSHI to communicate with the laptop. This router should not be connected to the internet. The score includes gestural instructions for the conductor.

A laptop operator supervises the computer program and steps it through various scene changes during performance, with the score as reference. The MAX program includes a practice/calibration module as well as the performance module. Both the TOSHI and MAX program are available from the composer.

The laptop requires a multi-channel audio interface in order to present the full surround sound version of the electronic soundscape. Quad, 5.1, and 8-channel output mixes are available from the MAX program. In cases where a surround sound audio system is not available, the program can down-mix the surround sound to stereo.

Detailed information about the TOSHI and directions for running the software are contained in the MAX program, accessible from the startup screen.