Slim Jim Choker: an interactive recital in 10 parts (2010)

for speaker and interactive typewriter

Lucky Leone & Butch Rovan

program note

1. The Typing
2. The Endings
3. The Haiku
4. The Actions
5. The Story, part 1
6. The Nouns
7. The Reverse
8. The Story, part 2
9. The Consonants
10. The Poem

Slim Jim Choker is a piece I created in collaboration with visual artist and writer Lucky Leone. It is based on an absurd but true story about an event that took place in the parking lot of a restaurant. The content of the brief story is represented from a variety of perspectives in the ten movements, each of which reflect on the materiality of the telling. The typewriter itself plays a role, producing in its own sound world an alternative text that interrupts and counterpoints the speaking voice.

7. The Reverse

Waited we van the in activity then

Van the around activity was there

Them meet to outside

Went she arrived ambulance

An later minutes few

A and inside went she nothing

Little a him nudged

And out hand her stuck she out

Half and in half man

The and minivan the to outside went

she moment

a after.