Notes & lyrics for Song Sessions Vol. 1

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Katherine Bergeron / Butch Rovan

Counting On

This song is about loss and about hope, and it is dedicated to all the students in Music 450. We started writing it in June 2008, as we were putting together the course syllabus, sitting on the beach in Rockport, Massachusetts. The first half of the song's lyrics emerged through the process of creating what the surrealists called a cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse), each of us writing a line of the text without knowing what the other had written. The rest of the song was finished near the end of the semester, after we had had the privilege of hearing so many inspiring songs in formation. The exuberant groove owes everything to the sensitive ears, monster chops, and very big hearts of Nate, Ian, and Dave.


Counting On — Katherine Bergeron / Butch Rovan

Can't make it to ten
Long still winter waiting
How did it come to this?
Two steps, hesitating

The minutes, the hours, the days,
Calculate a colder season...

Counting on...
Counting on...
Counting on...
Counting on...

Those things you said
Cutting corners in my mind
Seem to echo forever
Out of place, out of time

But if you’re coming back for more
Then more is what you’ll find...


Are you ever going to come back?
What am I going to do?
I need you so much baby
I know you need me too
I know it’s not too late
We can make up the time
You can count on me baby
While I’m counting on you to make up
Your mind...

Those things you asked me
Weighing heavy on my mind
Seem to add up to something
Telling truth, telling time

The days, the weeks equivocate the wrong
‘Cause I’m still here, and I am counting on
Counting on...

Counting on you
Counting on...
Counting on...
Counting on you
Counting on...