Notes & lyrics for Song Sessions Vol. 1

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Eshan Mitra


The “Geraldine” in this song was actually not a real person. However, Geraldine was inspired by a good friend of mine, Gerald Greenleaf, affectionately known as Jerry. Jerry and I grew up together and knew each other for many years, yet we have lost contact since I moved to college. In writing this song, I thought back to the times we spent together, and about all the fun we used to have. There was something about Jerry that set him apart from any person I have met before or since. I leave it up to the listener to find out exactly what that something was.


Geraldine — Eshan Mitra

O my dear Geraldine
Orange hair, eyes of green
Geraldine, Geraldine

O those fine autumn days
Through the fields we would play
Ran around happily
You led the way
Geraldine, Geraldine

O’er the hills joyously
Always so free

O but now all feels wrong
Time’s curse moves along
Geraldine, Geraldine

Hear the peal of the gong
As I get swept along

For life moves on
When all feels gone
Wanting you, needing you
But what am I to do?

What to do?
None to do
But move on

Even though we’re apart
Good times stay in my heart
Geraldine, Geraldine

All of my memories
Saved for eternity
Times when we happily
Ran and were free
Geraldine, Geraldine

With old days saved in song
Now I can move along