Notes & lyrics for Song Sessions Vol. 1

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Adam Taitano

Hardly Ever
(for Katherine and Butch)

“Hardly Ever” is the marriage of two composition assignments – the song based on Butch’s chord progression, and the piece set to prewritten lyrics. The final piece has three distinct sections: the chord progression in a-minor, the chord progression in c-major, and the climactic sample of the lyric-based song (with the “dense” repeating melody). Although the piece may seem segmented, my intention was to tie all three sections together with reemerging thematic elements (e.g. melodic and rhythmic motifs/gestures). Hopefully, the end result is something cohesive that captures and enhances the emotion and meaning of the song as a whole.


Hardly Ever (For Katherine and Butch) — Adam Taitano

Nothing feels as numb
Between taste and tongue
Starting yet fading false
With misplaced haste
And lonely spaces sigh to cover
The lovely faces shine on others
And learn to lean into another light
And lean into another light


Hardly ever do I quiver
Muscles tense throat clogged giddy
Rarely ever do I feel
The sprinkle down the bony back bumps
Or the chest on fire flutter
Hardly ever

Even so I want to breathe
In all the colors of you
I want to breathe
In all the things I’m lost in
I’m lost and gone forgotten


When will it end
Through and through
The horizon
All I see is you
Your eyes and
Endless sea of blue

Would not say that I would never
Could not wait to be so clever
Only try is true endeavor
We will sing and sing forever
Only try and sing and say that
We would could not wait forever


I want to breathe
In all the colors of you
Love you
I want to breathe
In all the colors of you
Love you
Love you